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Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND



Location : Latitude: 52.4324058, Longitude: -0.4031743


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GORHAM, Hannah  Abt 1814Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1038
2 MILLS, Susannah  Abt 1820Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I955
3 SHORT, Adam  Abt 1822Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1066
4 SHORT, Adam  Abt 1872Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1118
5 SHORT, Ann  Abt Jul 1819Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1126
6 SHORT, Annie  Abt 1883Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1049
7 SHORT, Annie Virtue  Abt Apr 1868Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1192
8 SHORT, Charles  Abt Dec 1870Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1194
9 SHORT, Charles James  7 Sep 1880Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1097
10 SHORT, Charlotte  Abt 1859Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1082
11 SHORT, Charlotte  Abt Mar 1882Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1200
12 SHORT, Eliza  Abt 1826Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1152
13 SHORT, Elizabeth  Abt 1847Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1054
14 SHORT, Elizabeth  Abt 1868Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1114
15 SHORT, Elizabeth Ann  Abt Sep 1872Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1208
16 SHORT, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt 1886Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1058
17 SHORT, Emma  Abt May 1840Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1182
18 SHORT, Emma  Abt Jan 1877Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1209
19 SHORT, Frederick Thomas  Abt Jul 1884Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1202
20 SHORT, Frederick William  Abt 1858Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1081
21 SHORT, George  Abt Nov 1835Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1167
22 SHORT, George  Abt 1861Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1110
23 SHORT, George  Abt 1900Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1112
24 SHORT, Harriot  Abt 1870Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1116
25 SHORT, Harry  Abt Jul 1890Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1221
26 SHORT, Isaac Spencer  Abt 1851Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1139
27 SHORT, James  Abt 1840Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1039
28 SHORT, James  Abt 1851Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1133
29 SHORT, James  Abt 1855Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1225
30 SHORT, James  25 Apr 1859Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1095
31 SHORT, James Henry  8 Jan 1879Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1198
32 SHORT, Jane  Abt 1816Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1063
33 SHORT, Jesse  Abt Mar 1838Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1168
34 SHORT, Jesse  Abt 1866Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1113
35 SHORT, John  Abt 1810Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1037
36 SHORT, John  Abt Jul 1821Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1127
37 SHORT, John  Abt Apr 1845Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1186
38 SHORT, John  Abt 1846Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1053
39 SHORT, John  Abt 1849Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1130
40 SHORT, John  Abt 1872Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1047
41 SHORT, John Curwain  Abt 1856Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1080
42 SHORT, John Thomas  Abt Dec 1848Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1206
43 SHORT, John William  Abt Jul 1865Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1191
44 SHORT, Joseph  Abt 1851Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1059
45 SHORT, Lizzie  Abt 1874Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1048
46 SHORT, Lydia  Abt Jul 1830Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1165
47 SHORT, Lydia  Abt Jul 1881Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1218
48 SHORT, Margaret  Abt 1885Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1050
49 SHORT, Margaret Jane  Abt 1857Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1092
50 SHORT, Mary  Abt Mar 1851Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1223

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 SHORT, Ann  4 Jul 1819Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1126
2 SHORT, Annie Virtue  12 Apr 1868Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1192
3 SHORT, Charles  25 Dec 1870Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1194
4 SHORT, Charlotte  2 Apr 1882Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1200
5 SHORT, Elizabeth Ann  15 Sep 1872Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1208
6 SHORT, Emma  24 May 1840Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1182
7 SHORT, Emma  28 Jan 1877Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1209
8 SHORT, Frederick Thomas  27 Jul 1884Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1202
9 SHORT, George  14 Nov 1835Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1167
10 SHORT, Harry  27 Jul 1890Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1221
11 SHORT, James  6 Dec 1840Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1039
12 SHORT, Jesse  4 Mar 1838Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1168
13 SHORT, John  15 Jul 1821Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1127
14 SHORT, John  23 Arp 1845Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1186
15 SHORT, John Thomas  31 Dec 1848Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1206
16 SHORT, John William  30 Jul 1865Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1191
17 SHORT, Lydia  11 Jul 1830Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1165
18 SHORT, Lydia  31 Jul 1881Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1218
19 SHORT, Mary  12 Mar 1851Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1223
20 SHORT, Mary  1 Nov 1891Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1204
21 SHORT, Mary Ann  14 Feb 1875Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1211
22 SHORT, Mary Elizabeth  26 Dec 1841Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1181
23 SHORT, Rebecca  8 Nov 1846Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1187
24 SHORT, Sarah  29 Jul 1827Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1154
25 SHORT, Sarah Ann  13 Mar 1843Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1184
26 SHORT, Sophia  6 Aug 1876Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1197
27 SHORT, Susannah  27 Jul 1873Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1195
28 SHORT, Thomas  7 Nov 1822Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1136
29 SHORT, William  1 Dec 1816Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I954
30 SHORT, William  29 Apr 1838Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I941
31 SHORT, William  13 Feb 1842Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1188
32 SHORT, William  24 Apr 1842Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1044


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARLEY, Elizabeth  Abt 1888Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1010
2 COBLEY, Mary Ann  Abt 1909Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1045
3 CURWAIN, Ann Hawkins  Abt 1911Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1079
4 KNIGHT, Mary Hannah  Abt 1907Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1084
5 MILLS, Susannah  Abt 1860Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I955
6 NEWBERRY, Sarah  Abt 1860Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1036
7 SHORT, Adam  Abt 1851Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1066
8 SHORT, Charles  Abt Mar 1890Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1194
9 SHORT, Frederick Thomas  Abt Sep 1908Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1202
10 SHORT, John  Abt 1845Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1186
11 SHORT, John  Abt 1860Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1035
12 SHORT, John  Abt 1866Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1127
13 SHORT, John  Abt Mar 1895Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1037
14 SHORT, Joseph  Abt 1904Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1067
15 SHORT, Rebecca  Abt 1919Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1187
16 SHORT, Susannah  Abt 1851Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1070
17 SHORT, Thomas  Abt 1851Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1071
18 SHORT, Thomas  Abt 1855Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I1009
19 SHORT, William  Abt 1880Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND I954


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BALL / SHORT  30 Mar 1869Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND F357
2 BARRETT / SHORT  Abt 1870Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND F312
3 JEFFS / SHORT  Abt 1910Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND F351
4 SAWFORD / SHORT  12 Apr 1841Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND F318
5 SHEFFIELD / SHORT  Abt 1866Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND F313
6 SHORT / GORHAM  6 Jan 1840Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND F309
7 SHORT / HEADLAND  Abt Jul 1877Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND F314
8 SHORT / KNIGHT  18 Nov 1850Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND F320
9 SHORT / MILLS  31 Jul 1837Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND F281
10 SHORT / PHEASANT  29 Dec 1869Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND F352
11 SHORT / SHORT  22 May 1865Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND F345
12 SHORT / SPENCER  13 Oct 1845Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND F335
13 SHORT / STRETTON  14 Aug 1837Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND F316
14 UNDERWOOD / SHORT  Abt 1867Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND F344
15 WHEATLEY / SHORT  Abt 1893Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND F348
16 WOODS / SHORT  Abt 1889Thurning, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND F347

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