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Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND



City/Town : Latitude: 51.0146532, Longitude: -3.1034462


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOND, Charles Ware  23 Mar 1886Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8561
2 BOND, Ivor Ware  27 Feb 1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8562
3 BRANNAN, Mark Ayers Poole  18 Aug 1803Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8012
4 BRANNAN, Sarah  12 Oct 1810Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8014
5 BRANNAN, William John  14 Jan 1807Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8013
6 CAMP, Harold Edwin George  1898Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8545
7 CAMP, John  1861Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8543
8 CAMP, William I  1900Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8546
9 DARE, James  19 Dec 1855Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I6987
10 LENTELL, Joyce Winifred  10 Jan 1921Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I15103
11 MANSFIELD, Sarah Jane  1841Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8196
12 SHORT, Alfred Augustus  1866Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8518
13 SHORT, Alfred William Charles  16 Oct 1894Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8585
14 SHORT, Charles  18 Mar 1800Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I1634
15 SHORT, Elizabeth Mary  1829Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8593
16 SHORT, Ena Phyllis  4 Mar 1907Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8587
17 SHORT, Frederick Clements Victor  10 May 1898Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8583
18 SHORT, Frederick William  1861Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8516
19 SHORT, Hannah Louise Clements  1856Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8534
20 SHORT, Leslie Gerald  16 Mar 1903Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8586
21 SHORT, Pursey Frederick  23 Sep 1894Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8566
22 SHORT, Rose Helena  24 Jun 1862Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8517
23 SHORT, William Clements  1859Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8488
24 SHORT, William James  1830Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8505
25 SHORT, William Pursey  25 Jul 1888Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8565
26 STAMP, Maria  1870Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8551
27 STARK, Winifred Mary  7 Apr 1893Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I15105
28 TAY, Bertie John  1888Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8570
29 TAY, Kate Hilda  13 Sep 1886Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8569
30 THORNE, Ada Constance  27 Mar 1867Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8535
31 THORNE, Albert B  1891Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8548
32 THORNE, Albert Edward  1863Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8541
33 THORNE, Charles  1869Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8536
34 THORNE, Charles Albert  1894Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8553
35 THORNE, Clara Ellen  1862Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8542
36 THORNE, Clara Hetty  1879Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8539
37 THORNE, George Henry  1 Apr 1872Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8537
38 THORNE, Gladys  25 Jan 1914Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8556
39 THORNE, Horace C  1898Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8550
40 THORNE, Ivy Clara  1892Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8552
41 THORNE, Lily May  9 Jul 1899Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8555
42 THORNE, Robert  1836Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8532
43 THORNE, Robert William  1892Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8549
44 THORNE, Robert William Clements  29 Oct 1865Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8540
45 THORNE, Rose Maria  1876Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8538


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 SHORT, Rose Helena  2 Aug 1885Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8496


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARNE, Ellen Maria  25 Sep 1947Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8582
2 CAMP, John  1930Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8543
3 CLEMENTS, Sarah  17 Apr 1839Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8515
4 LENTELL, John James  3 Nov 1902Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I15106
5 MASEY, Ethel Amy  1965Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8567
6 PURSEY, Mary Jane  1921Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8564
7 SHORT, Alfred Augustus  15 Mar 1934Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8518
8 SHORT, Alfred James  11 Mar 1927Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I738
9 SHORT, Elizabeth Mary  2 Sep 1837Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8593
10 SHORT, Ena Phyllis  1990Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8587
11 SHORT, Frederick William  2 Feb 1917Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8516
12 SHORT, James Robert  15 Jun 1839Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8514
13 SHORT, Sarah Ann  1919Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8527
14 SHORT, William James  1885Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8505
15 SHORT, William Pursey  26 Nov 1954Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8565
16 STARK, Henry John  Abt Apr 1913Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I15108
17 THORNE, Ada Constance  1951Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8535
18 THORNE, Charles  1946Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8536
19 THORNE, George Henry  1955Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8537
20 THORNE, Robert  1915Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8532
21 THORNE, Robert William Clements  1950Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8540
22 THORNE, Rose Maria  1931Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8538
23 WARBURTON, Elizabeth  1916Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I741


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BARNE, Ellen Maria  1901Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8582
2 BARNE, Ellen Maria  1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8582
3 CAMP, Harold Edwin George  1901Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8545
4 CAMP, Harold Edwin George  1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8545
5 CAMP, John  1901Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8543
6 CAMP, John  1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8543
7 CAMP, William I  1901Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8546
8 CAMP, William I  1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8546
9 DAYMENT, Norman C  1871Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8535
10 DAYMENT, Norman C  1901Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8535
11 FROST, Charlotte  1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8554
12 JAMES, Susanna  1871Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8540
13 MCCUBBIN, Arthur David  1871Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8536
14 PARTRIDGE, Charity  1851Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8533
15 PFEFFER, Anna Barbara  1871Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8527
16 PURSEY, Mary Jane  1891Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8564
17 PURSEY, Mary Jane  1901Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8564
18 PURSEY, Mary Jane  1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8564
19 SATTER, Alice Jane  1891Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8547
20 SATTER, Alice Jane  1901Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8547
21 SATTER, Alice Jane  1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8547
22 SHORT, Alfred Augustus  1891Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8518
23 SHORT, Alfred Augustus  1901Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8518
24 SHORT, Alfred Augustus  1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8518
25 SHORT, Alfred William Charles  1901Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8585
26 SHORT, Alfred William Charles  1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8585
27 SHORT, Ena Phyllis  1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8587
28 SHORT, Frederick Clements Victor  1901Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8583
29 SHORT, Frederick Clements Victor  1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8583
30 SHORT, Frederick William  1891Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8516
31 SHORT, Frederick William  1901Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8516
32 SHORT, Frederick William  1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8516
33 SHORT, Hannah Louise Clements  1861Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8534
34 SHORT, Leslie Gerald  1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8586
35 SHORT, Pursey Frederick  1901Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8566
36 SHORT, Pursey Frederick  1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8566
37 SHORT, Sarah Ann  1851Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8527
38 SHORT, Sarah Ann  1861Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8527
39 SHORT, Sarah Ann  1871Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8527
40 SHORT, Sarah Ann  1881Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8527
41 SHORT, Sarah Ann  1891Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8527
42 SHORT, Sarah Ann  1901Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8527
43 SHORT, Sarah Ann  1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8527
44 SHORT, William Pursey  1891Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8565
45 SHORT, William Pursey  1901Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8565
46 SHORT, William Pursey  1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8565
47 STAMP, Maria  1891Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8551
48 STAMP, Maria  1901Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8551
49 STAMP, Maria  1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8551
50 TAY, Arthur Leonard  1911Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I8572

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 SHORT, Rev Thomas Tapley M.A.  1885Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND I6044


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOND / THORNE  1908Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND F3065
2 BRANNAN / POOLE  17 Feb 1801Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND F2832
3 ELLIS / SHORT  1941Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND F3077
4 SAMPSON / TAY  1945Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND F3071
5 SHORT / MASEY  1921Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND F3068
6 SHORT / PURSEY  1885Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND F3067
7 SHORT / SALTER  1938Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND F3078
8 TAY / RIDLEY  1915Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND F3073
9 THORNE / FROST  4 Sep 1898Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND F3061

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