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Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA



City/Town : Latitude: -33.885032, Longitude: 151.226475


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN, Emma Mary  7 Jan 1892Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3624 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
2 BARBER, Owen Leslie  1 Sep 1905Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9240 Short Family Tree 
3 BRENNAN, Thomas  Abt 1887Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2324 Short Family Tree Misc 
4 CALETTI, George James  10 Jan 1925Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8901 Short Family Tree 
5 CALLAGHAN, Peter  25 Apr 1940Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I459 CALLAGHAN 
6 CANDY, Alice  17 Jan 1909Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2554 Short Family Tree Misc 
7 CASH, Rev Edward Francis Nicholson  15 Feb 1887Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3921 Short Family Tree Misc 
8 CLAYE, Frederick Lord  8 Sep 1878Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7389 Short Family Tree 
9 CLAYE, Frederick Lord  3 Dec 1905Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01893 Short Family Tree 
10 DARGIN, Ellie  4 Apr 1909Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9831 Short Family Tree 
11 DAVIDSON, Peter Alexander Lionel  26 Oct 1956Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10598 Short Family Tree 
12 DONOHOE, Joseph T  30 Sep 1874Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4727 Short Family Tree Misc 
13 DUNCAN, Mary Dorothy  1893Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07313 Short Family Tree 
14 FAHY, George Alfred  25 Apr 1893Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10363 Short Family Tree 
15 FIRTH, Martha Mary  2 Apr 1879Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2460 Short Family Tree Misc 
16 GRAHAM, Gladys Marie  27 Mar 1921Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3345 Short Family Tree Misc 
17 HARRIS, Lorna Louise  1 Aug 1922Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10495 Short Family Tree 
18 HOLMES, Eric Arthur  1885Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7979 Short Family Tree 
19 JACOBSEN, Harry  15 Nov 1920Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I420 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
20 LEVER, Maude  1875Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7402 Short Family Tree Misc 
21 LINDFIELD, Hazel Margaret  Abt 1910Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3100 Short Family Tree Misc 
22 LITTLE, George Nicholas  Abt 1891Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3386 Short Family Tree Misc 
23 MADGWICK, Daniel Bond  7 May 1889Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8077 Short Family Tree 
24 MCCOY, Frances Marie  Abt 1909Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I953 Short Family Tree Misc 
25 MEEKIN, Beryl Mavis  1913Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2946 Short Family Tree Misc 
26 MONAGHAN, Harold William  26 Jan 1920Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07074 Short Family Tree 
27 OGILVIE, Rachel  1901Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9266 Short Family Tree 
28 PEBBLEWICK, Frederick Joseph  16 Dec 1908Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01984 Short Family Tree 
29 PLEFFER, Aubrey deVere  20 Nov 1910Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00607 Short Family Tree 
30 PLEFFER, Reuben Andrew Roy  11 Jan 1908Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00606 Short Family Tree 
31 QUINN, Yvonne May  8 Nov 1930Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7635 Short Family Tree Misc 
32 RUGLESS, Percy Robert  17 Apr 1907Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2268 Short Family Tree Misc 
33 RUGLESS, Ruby Mildred  21 Jul 1908Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2243 Short Family Tree Misc 
34 SHORT, Allan Frederick  12 Dec 1914Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7459 Short Family Tree Misc 
35 SHORT, Annie  29 May 1862Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2980 Short Family Tree Misc 
36 SHORT, Arthur Edward  4 Nov 1875Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3464 Short Family Tree Misc 
37 SHORT, Dianne Gai  12 Oct 1946Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3528 Short Family Tree Misc 
38 SHORT, Edith Maude Roseby  Abt 1879Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3033 Short Family Tree Misc 
39 SHORT, Edward Athol Theodore  16 Dec 1908Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4114 Short Family Tree Misc 
40 SHORT, Edward Francis  21 Jan 1908Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3159 Short Family Tree Misc 
41 SHORT, Elizabeth A  12 Jun 1870Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3467 Short Family Tree Misc 
42 SHORT, Eric Charles  3 Oct 1914Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01163 Short Family Tree 
43 SHORT, George Robert  19 May 1861Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3305 Short Family Tree Misc 
44 SHORT, Graham Gunther  15 Sep 1905Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3415 Short Family Tree Misc 
45 SHORT, Gregory Anthony  14 Nov 1899Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3156 Short Family Tree Misc 
46 SHORT, Harry Arthur Herbert  18 Oct 1913Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01162 Short Family Tree 
47 SHORT, Herbert  3 May 1903Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4132 Short Family Tree Misc 
48 SHORT, Jessie Edith  19 Sep 1870Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2984 Short Family Tree Misc 
49 SHORT, Jessie Elizabeth  31 Mar 1864Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3320 Short Family Tree Misc 
50 SHORT, Lucy Rose  19 Jun 1868Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2983 Short Family Tree Misc 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAIN, Margaret Burns  7 Jul 1954Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9839 Short Family Tree 
2 BOURKE, Honora  5 Apr 1900Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2319 Short Family Tree Misc 
3 BROWN, Annie Elizabeth  1906Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06277 Short Family Tree 
4 CANDY, Alice  18 Jan 1909Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2554 Short Family Tree Misc 
5 COULTON, Ada Mildred  24 May 1955Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3551 Short Family Tree Misc 
6 CRAMMOND, Sidney Hunter Kennear  13 Jul 1950Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8191 Short Family Tree Misc 
7 DOW, Heather May  30 Dec 1928Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05230 Short Family Tree 
8 ELSDON, Anastasia Margaret Forrest  26 Aug 1951Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I5609 Short Family Tree Misc 
9 GILBERT, William John  13 Feb 1953Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01167 Short Family Tree 
10 HOOKE, John Barrington  5 May 2006Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05422 Short Family Tree 
11 LAW, Daisy Helen  22 May 1948Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06980 Short Family Tree 
12 MADGWICK, Walter C  1949Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8075 Short Family Tree 
13 MUTTON, Samuel William  19 Jun 1956Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00411 Short Family Tree 
14 OXFORD, Samuel  17 Jan 1873Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4941 Short Family Tree Misc 
15 RUGLESS, Percy Robert  8 May 1907Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2268 Short Family Tree Misc 
16 SHORT, Doris Clive  6 Sep 1968Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I33 Short Family Tree - Kent 
17 SHORT, Elizabeth A  3 May 1874Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3467 Short Family Tree Misc 
18 SHORT, Frances  5 Jul 1891Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2321 Short Family Tree Misc 
19 SHORT, George A  Abt 1875Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3088 Short Family Tree Misc 
20 SHORT, Joseph  21 Aug 1870Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2559 Short Family Tree Misc 
21 SHORT, Marcella L  10 May 1875Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3468 Short Family Tree Misc 
22 SHORT, Mary  Abt 1869Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2114 Short Family Tree Misc 
23 SHORT, Mary Jane  Abt Aug 1850Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2262 Short Family Tree Misc 
24 SHORT, Prescilla  5 May 1857Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2332 Short Family Tree Misc 
25 SHORT, Thomas  25 Jul 1901Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2318 Short Family Tree Misc 
26 SHORT, William George  3 Aug 1860Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3333 Short Family Tree Misc 
27 STEINON, Marie Hortense Emilie  19 Feb 1951Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I1264 Short Family Tree Misc 
28 STONE, Eva A  1916Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7701 Short Family Tree 
29 STREAT, Charles Edgar  1939Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06276 Short Family Tree 
30 TEE, Elizabeth F  1905Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9402 Short Family Tree 
31 TOYER, Albert Edward  8 Oct 1885Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I5394 Short Family Tree Misc 
32 TURNBULL, William Oliver Thistle  28 Jul 1944Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I5199 Short Family Tree Misc 
33 WARK, Athol Anderson  17 Jun 1908Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9811 Short Family Tree 
34 WHEELER, Arthur Edward  1952Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7659 Short Family Tree 
35 WILSON, Ellen May  27 Mar 1939Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05931 Short Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 JENNER, Thomas Henry  1939 - 1948Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9983 Short Family Tree 
2 SHORT, Arthur Marcel Van de Velde  1939-1948Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4043 Short Family Tree Misc 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ARMSTRONG / EVANS  6 Nov 1915Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0122 Short Family Tree 
2 ARMSTRONG / MCARTHUR  1 Sep 1925Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0124 Short Family Tree 
3 CALLAGHAN / RYNG  28 Oct 1942Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F121 CALLAGHAN 
4 CARR / SHORT  16 Jun 1870Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F680 Short Family Tree Misc 
5 CASEY / CLARKE  19 Nov 1912Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F4954 Short Family Tree Misc 
6 COULTON / GUEST  17 Dec 1927Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1197 Short Family Tree Misc 
7 CROSS / SHORT  15 Feb 1950Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F587 Short Family Tree Misc 
8 CURBY / PATTISON  21 Dec 1946Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1305 Short Family Tree 
9 GILKES / GIBSON  28 Jun 1899Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3094 Short Family Tree 
10 GREZZANA / SHORT  Abt 1935Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F4871 Short Family Tree Misc 
11 HAIGHT / HOBBS  15 Dec 1869Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2562 Short Family Tree Misc 
12 HARVISON / GRAHAM  1882Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1609 Short Family Tree 
13 IRVINE / NORTHEY  21 May 1907Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1093 Short Family Tree Misc 
14 LONGMORE / SMITH  18 Sep 1943Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2178 Short Family Tree 
15 MCGUIGAN / SHORT  Abt 1919Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F768 Short Family Tree Misc 
16 MUTTON / WATSON  7 Feb 1933Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0205 Short Family Tree 
17 RALPH / MITCHELL  25 Apr 1923Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1626 Short Family Tree 
18 RICKETTS / SHORT  28 Jul 1937Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2632 Short Family Tree Misc 
19 SHORT / JOHNSTON  4 Mar 1876Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F739 Short Family Tree Misc 
20 SHORT / KELLY  27 Jun 1942Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2475 Short Family Tree Misc 
21 SHORT / LITTLEWOOD  6 Nov 1915Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2668 Short Family Tree Misc 
22 SHORT / ROBBINS  25 Feb 1868Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1127 Short Family Tree Misc 
23 SHORT / TROOD  7 Jun 1924Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2510 Short Family Tree Misc 
24 STREET / HOPPER  17 Apr 1894Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2315 Short Family Tree 
25 WEIR / LOVE  21 Dec 1954Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3466 Short Family Tree 
26 YOUNG / STROUD  1907Paddington, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2141 Short Family Tree 

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