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Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND



City/Town : Latitude: 51.441366, Longitude: -2.48868


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BALL, Hannah Parsons  1851Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I802
2 BENCE, John  1791Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I749
3 CHURCHILL, Hannah  Abt 1847Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I264
4 DAVIS, Charlotte  1819Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I774
5 ENGLAND, William  Sep 1819Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I160
6 HARDING, Ellen  1856Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I857
7 HOPES, George  15 Oct 1775Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I514
8 HOPES, George  21 Jun 1807Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I518
9 HOPES, Thomas  14 Dec 1800Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I516
10 QUARMAN, Samuel  14 Dec 1760Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I615
11 QUARMAN, Sylvia  05 Jun 1759Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I614
12 SHORT, Aaron Shell  Abt 1832Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I561
13 SHORT, Amelia  Abt 1826Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I566
14 SHORT, Ann  Abt 1829Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I562
15 SHORT, Elizabeth  Abt 1827Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I567
16 SHORT, Evan  01 May 1833Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I380
17 SHORT, Henry Isaac Eli  1 Jan 1903Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I895
18 SHORT, Herbert  Abt 1875Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I265
19 SHORT, Isaac  1855Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I254
20 SHORT, John  Abt 1821Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I608
21 SHORT, John  03 Jun 1849Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I250
22 SHORT, John Bamford  15 Mar 1824Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I402
23 SHORT, Joseph  29 Nov 1789Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I351
24 SHORT, Kezia  01 May 1830Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I379
25 SHORT, Lily  Abt 1877Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I266
26 SHORT, Mary  Abt 1817Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I537
27 SHORT, Mary  Abt 1840Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I565
28 SHORT, Naomi  23 Mar 1835Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I381
29 SHORT, Robert  13 Feb 1794Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I378
30 SHORT, Robert  18 Aug 1837Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I382
31 SHORT, Rose  Abt 1887Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I268
32 SHORT, Sarah Catharine  Abt 1835Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I563
33 SHORT, Sidney  Abt 1880Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I267
34 SHORT, Silas  Abt 1819Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I607
35 SHORT, Sylvia  14 Jan 1797Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I353
36 SHORT, William  Abt 1837Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I564


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ENGLAND, Love  26 Feb 1826Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I214
2 ENGLAND, William  30 Mar 1823Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I160
3 SHORT, Alfred  12 Jan 1837Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I364
4 SHORT, Alice  28 Oct 1838Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I50
5 SHORT, Caroline  16 Dec 1827Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I396
6 SHORT, Caroline  01 Oct 1837Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I401
7 SHORT, Edgar  12 Jan 1837Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I362
8 SHORT, Esther  26 Jan 1834Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I49
9 SHORT, Grace  25 Dec 1825Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I395
10 SHORT, Jacob  19 Aug 1849Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I249
11 SHORT, James Oliver  7 Sep 1873Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I814
12 SHORT, John  12 Aug 1827Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I760
13 SHORT, John  19 Aug 1849Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I250
14 SHORT, Joseph  12 Jan 1837Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I351
15 SHORT, Joseph  12 Jan 1837Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I361
16 SHORT, Margaret Henrietta  23 Feb 1873Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I709
17 SHORT, Mary  25 May 1823Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I537
18 SHORT, Matilda  12 Jan 1837Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I363
19 SHORT, Nicholas  16 Aug 1818Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I222
20 SHORT, Pamela  13 Apr 1823Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I394
21 SHORT, Peter  23 Aug 1818Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I126
22 SHORT, Rhoda Ann  12 Sep 1852Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I54
23 SHORT, Ruth  08 Feb 1829Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I397
24 SHORT, Ruth  27 May 1849Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I52
25 SHORT, Sarah  15 Sep 1816Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I45
26 SHORT, Sarah  09 May 1841Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I53
27 SHORT, William Luther  23 Feb 1873Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I717


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HOPES, George  29 Jun 1828Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I518
2 HOPES, George  17 Jun 1832Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I514
3 HOPES, William  25 Dec 1846Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I519
4 QUARMAN, Grace  Abt 1834Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I125
5 SHORT, Robert  Abt 1849Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I124


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BENCE, Frances  1891Oldland, Gloucestershire, England I751
2 BENCE, Frances  1901Oldland, Gloucestershire, England I751
3 BENCE, Frances  1911Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I751
4 CAVE, Ellen Elizabeth  1911Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I894
5 HARRIS, Mary  1891Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I243
6 SHORT, Henrietta Sophia  1891Oldland, Gloucestershire, England I739
7 SHORT, Henrietta Sophia  1901Oldland, Gloucestershire, England I739
8 SHORT, Henrietta Sophia  1911Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I739
9 SHORT, Henry Isaac Eli  1911Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I895
10 SHORT, Isaac  1891Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I254
11 SHORT, Isaac  1901Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I254
12 SHORT, Isaac  1911Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I254
13 SHORT, Leslie John  1911Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I896


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 SHORT / BALL  13 Nov 1871Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F210
2 WORLOCK /   Abt 1843Oldland, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F23

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