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Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA



City/Town : Latitude: -33.963107, Longitude: 151.133462


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CALOW, Edward Bertram  26 Sep 1911Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3514 Short Family Tree Misc 
2 CURTIS, Mabel Sarah  4 Jul 1905Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2580 Short Family Tree Misc 
3 FELLOWS, Mary Ellen Adeline  22 Jul 1913Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9657 Short Family Tree Misc 
4 HARRISON, Alma I  1913Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8948 Short Family Tree 
5 HARRISON, Raymond Temple  1 Jan 1944Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06380 Short Family Tree 
6 HOLLIDAY, Albert Raynor  11 Feb 1914Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03617 Short Family Tree 
7 KENT, Percy Abraham Mutley  04 Jan 1887Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05930 Short Family Tree 
8 LONERGAN, John C  30 Jan 1910Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07078 Short Family Tree 
9 LONERGAN, Madeline Veronica  1913Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07079 Short Family Tree 
10 MORGAN, Reginald Norman  23 Jan 1926Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8412 Short Family Tree Misc 
11 SHORT, Charles Foster  3 Nov 1918Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01196 Short Family Tree 
12 SHORT, Edna Mabel  24 Mar 1912Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01176 Short Family Tree 
13 SHORT, Lilian Beatrice  19 Aug 1891Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3787 Short Family Tree Misc 
14 SHORT, Madeline Emily  1 May 1893Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3788 Short Family Tree Misc 
15 SHORT, Percy Harold  17 Mar 1889Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9179 Short Family Tree 
16 SHORT, William Leslie  13 Apr 1891Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9187 Short Family Tree 
17 TOOSE, Helen Marie  Feb 1952Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9134 Short Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 AITKEN, Vere Manning  26 Sep 1947Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7647 Short Family Tree Misc 
2 ANNON, Sarah Ellen  25 Jul 1943Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3976 Short Family Tree Misc 
3 BENNETT, Harold Last Thomas  2 Jul 1972Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7964 Short Family Tree 
4 BUCHANAN, Ida Eliza  17 Oct 1968Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9188 Short Family Tree 
5 BULTITUDE, Monica Audrey  4 Feb 1998Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8832 Short Family Tree 
6 COCKBURN, Millicent Dorothy  6 May 1970Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7963 Short Family Tree 
7 COOPER, Betty June  29 Jan 1998Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8681 Short Family Tree 
8 COOPER, Brian Leslie  23 Sep 2008Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9435 Short Family Tree 
9 COOPER, George Thomas Henry  24 Mar 1987Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8680 Short Family Tree 
10 COOPER, Thomas Daniel  6 Dec 1922Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06407 Short Family Tree 
11 DIXON, Minnie Amelia  29 Apr 1946Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2493 Short Family Tree Misc 
12 EARNSHAW, Alfred William  24 Nov 1941Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07145 Short Family Tree 
13 EVANS, Jeffrey Neilson  2 May 2006Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10823 Short Family Tree 
14 EVERETT, Walter Arnold  8 Jul 1953Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I5768 Short Family Tree Misc 
15 GLEESON, John William  29 10 1968Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8274 Short Family Tree Misc 
16 GORDON, Douglas Roy  20 Apr 1984Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01789 Short Family Tree 
17 HARE, Lillian Gladys  11 Apr 1971Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8898 Short Family Tree 
18 HARRISON, Raymond Temple  17 Oct 1944Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06380 Short Family Tree 
19 HARVISON, Bradley Joseph  1942Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05340 Short Family Tree 
20 HOLLIDAY, Harold George  28 Jul 1969Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03796 Short Family Tree 
21 HOLLIDAY, Ida Emily  19 Jan 1969Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03611 Short Family Tree 
22 IRESON, Richard Emanuel  23 Feb 1951Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4909 Short Family Tree Misc 
23 JOHNSTON, Ashton Alexander  7 Oct 1957Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01924 Short Family Tree 
24 KERR, Esme Grace  23 Dec 2001Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10183 Short Family Tree 
25 KLEMANN, Emily Maud Augusta  23 Sep 1976Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9176 Short Family Tree 
26 KLEMANN, Robert  17 Jun 1940Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9177 Short Family Tree 
27 LANE, Ruth Frances  1970Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9132 Short Family Tree 
28 LOWE, Mary Louisa  2 Nov 1970Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10814 Short Family Tree 
29 MADGWICK, Irene  27 Oct 1970Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8082 Short Family Tree 
30 MCGUIRE, Evelyn Alice  25 Oct 2012Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9434 Short Family Tree 
31 MCMAHON, Arthur Joseph Ross  3 May 1970Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10532 Short Family Tree 
32 MOON, Elizabeth  7 Sep 1930Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I6357 Short Family Tree Misc 
33 MULQUINN, Teresa  15 May 1954Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07076 Short Family Tree 
34 PATTON, Lilian Victoria  12 Sep 1973Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3384 Short Family Tree Misc 
35 PETTY, Jean Mcpherson  10 Nov 1982Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9951 Short Family Tree 
36 PLEFFER, William Henry  11 Dec 1948Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00536 Short Family Tree 
37 PULLEN, Ethel  12 Jul 1948Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06816 Short Family Tree 
38 REEVES, Wiliam  1967Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9131 Short Family Tree 
39 ROBINS, Ellen May  17 Sep 1955Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I677 Short Family Tree Misc 
40 RUGLESS, Lavinia Elizabeth  7 Sep 1973Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2267 Short Family Tree Misc 
41 RUGLESS, Silas Alfred  8 Apr 1988Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2272 Short Family Tree Misc 
42 SHERRIFF, Arthur McKeown  17 May 1971Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10802 Short Family Tree 
43 SHERRIFF, Henry Albert Buckingham  7 Jul 1968Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10799 Short Family Tree 
44 SHORT, Arthur William Foster  30 Sep 1929Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01184 Short Family Tree 
45 SHORT, David William  24 Sep 1968Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00071 Short Family Tree 
46 SHORT, Edith Harriet  6 Aug 1967Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2250 Short Family Tree Misc 
47 SHORT, Florence Emma  Abt 1967Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2499 Short Family Tree Misc 
48 SHORT, George Henry Kendall  21 Sep 1995Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I678 Short Family Tree Misc 
49 SHORT, Hilda Jane  13 Sep 1966Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3936 Short Family Tree - Adam Henry Short 
50 SHORT, Ivy Caroline Stewart  22 Jun 1979Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3388 Short Family Tree Misc 

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Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ANDERSON / SHORT  18 May 1940Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1986 Short Family Tree 
2 GIBB / SHORT  20 Nov 1920Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0498 Short Family Tree 
3 GORDON / HOLT  12 Apr 1952Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0663 Short Family Tree 
4 HOLLIDAY / SIBSON  1 Nov 1952Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1222 Short Family Tree 
5 HUGHES / BLACKLEY  6 Dec 1946Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2973 Short Family Tree Misc 
6 RUGLESS / EWIN  20 Mar 1948Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1665 Short Family Tree Misc 
7 SHORT / CONIBEAR  23 Sep 1967Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0459 Short Family Tree 
8 SHORT / GREEN  29 Nov 1952Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F134 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
9 SHORT / INGLIS  6 Apr 1929Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2066 Short Family Tree 
10 SHORT / MORGAN  26 Jul 1904Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2926 Short Family Tree 
11 SHORT / REEVE  16 Jun 1951Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0495 Short Family Tree 
12 SMITH / ANDREWS  1 Aug 1903Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2864 Short Family Tree 
13 TAYLOR / LONERGAN  1938Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2820 Short Family Tree 
14 TOOSE / REEVES  27 Feb 1943Kogarah, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2911 Short Family Tree 

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