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Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA


City/Town : Latitude: -33.835887, Longitude: 151.01064


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALBURY, Ernest Granville  1 Feb 1894Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10759 Short Family Tree 
2 ALBURY, George Alma  19 Jun 1891Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10754 Short Family Tree 
3 ALBURY, William Joseph  11 Mar 1889Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10755 Short Family Tree 
4 ANDREWS, Florence M  21 May 1921Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I12084 Short Family Tree 
5 ANDREWS, Robert William  19 Aug 1922Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I12085 Short Family Tree 
6 BARRY, Gloria Myee  28 Jan 1919Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11460 Short Family Tree 
7 BARRY, John Gilbert  7 Jun 1925Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11462 Short Family Tree 
8 COATES, George Arthur  17 Apr 1912Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11793 Short Family Tree 
9 COULTON, Ada Vera  21 Nov 1898Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3580 Short Family Tree Misc 
10 ELDRIDGE, Hubert Mark  18 Jun 1912Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01247 Short Family Tree 
11 GUYOT, Norman Reginald Lyall  12 Dec 1904Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I12513 Short Family Tree 
12 HOLLIDAY, Eileen Ruby  4 Jul 1914Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03533 Short Family Tree 
13 HOLLIDAY, Gladys Ivy  25 Mar 1907Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03531 Short Family Tree 
14 HOLLIDAY, Henry Frederick  14 Jul 1909Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7857 Short Family Tree 
15 HOLLIDAY, Ida Mavis  9 Jun 1917Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03534 Short Family Tree 
16 HOLLIDAY, Leila  2 Nov 1920Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I522 Short Family Tree 
17 HOLLIDAY, Lily  18 Aug 1902Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03529 Short Family Tree 
18 HOLLIDAY, Nellie Jean  5 Feb 1912Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03532 Short Family Tree 
19 HOLLIDAY, Pearl  18 Sep 1904Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03530 Short Family Tree 
20 JARVIS, Nora Mary Margaret  15 Aug 1921Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I1897 Short Family Tree 
21 JOHNSTONE, Arthur William  21 Jan 1911Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05659 Short Family Tree 
22 JOHNSTONE, Elsie Elizabeth  11 Dec 1912Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05661 Short Family Tree 
23 JOHNSTONE, Eric Stephen  24 Aug 1909Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05658 Short Family Tree 
24 KITCHING, Ethel Ena  16 Jul 1906Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8987 Short Family Tree 
25 LANGLEY, Clarence Rixon  18 Jan 1912Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I540 Short Family Tree 
26 SHORT, Alfred John  13 May 1895Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I14992 Short Family Tree Misc 
27 SHORT, Cyril James  29 Apr 1904Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I14994 Short Family Tree Misc 
28 SHORT, Ernest Frederick  May 1899Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I14995 Short Family Tree Misc 
29 SHORT, Horace Leonard  24 May 1901Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I14990 Short Family Tree Misc 
30 SHORT, Margaret Frances  27 Mar 1910Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3160 Short Family Tree Misc 
31 SHORT, Marjorie Ada  25 Oct 1920Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01492 Short Family Tree 
32 SHORT, Roma Ruby  5 Nov 1918Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8679 Short Family Tree 
33 SHORT, Sydney Charles  18 Apr 1897Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I14993 Short Family Tree Misc 
34 SHORT, Walter Foster Thomas  10 Dec 1889Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01190 Short Family Tree 
35 SMITH, Arthur Charles  11 May 1912Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9468 Short Family Tree 
36 SMITH, Arthur John  1893Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9467 Short Family Tree 
37 TONKS, Frederick Charles  22 Oct 1915Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9426 Short Family Tree 
38 WHITE, Dr Harold Newbon  12 Oct 1903Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11252 Short Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 BEGNELL, George Robert  6 Sep 1984Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I5004 Short Family Tree Misc 
2 BENCH, Richard  16 Nov 1928Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10538 Short Family Tree 
3 BROWN, James Parsons  24 Sep 1917Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I6356 Short Family Tree Misc 
4 BYCROFT, Leslie Milton  19 Feb 1919Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05651 Short Family Tree 
5 CHRISTIANSEN, Harold  14 May 1979Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11456 Short Family Tree 
6 CLARK, Charlotte  9 Jun 1944Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3890 Short Family Tree Misc 
7 COOPER, Mary Jane  26 Jul 1920Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I527 Short Family Tree 
8 COULTON, Agnes Ada  11 Jan 1960Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3596 Short Family Tree Misc 
9 DARLINGTON, David  16 May 1974Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I17402 Short Family Tree Misc 
10 ELDRIDGE, Hubert Mark  21 Jun 1912Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01247 Short Family Tree 
11 ELVIN, Eva Elizabeth  23 Nov 1933Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04106 Short Family Tree 
12 GAINFORD, Thomas Sydney Dixon  16 Aug 1942Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3257 Short Family Tree Misc 
13 HOLLIDAY, Frederick Charles  5 Mar 1947Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03501 Short Family Tree 
14 HOLLIDAY, Leila  3 Nov 1920Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I522 Short Family Tree 
15 HOLLIDAY, Lily  20 Aug 1902Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03529 Short Family Tree 
16 JENNER, James  17 Jul 1918Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9976 Short Family Tree 
17 LEAK, George McPherson  1934Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01910 Short Family Tree 
18 LONERGAN, John Cornelius  11 Feb 1944Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07075 Short Family Tree 
19 MCDONALD, John R  1904Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9368 Short Family Tree 
20 MCMAHON, William Hugh  18 Oct 1908Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10546 Short Family Tree 
21 MOODIE, Alfred Charles  12 Dec 1893Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I02357 Short Family Tree 
22 PLEFFER, Walter William  19 Jan 1930Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I02981 Short Family Tree 
23 PLEFFER, William Samuel  3 Apr 1926Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00528 Short Family Tree 
24 POOLE, Harry Albert Edgar  Abt 1939Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4107 Short Family Tree Misc 
25 RIDGE, Margaret Ann  17 Jan 1915Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I14999 Short Family Tree Misc 
26 ROBSON, Sarah Elizabeth  11 Jan 1980Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I12533 Short Family Tree 
27 SAUNDERS, Teresa Jane  25 Apr 1927Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I247 Short Family Tree 
28 SHORT, Beryl Jean  24 Feb 1976Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01493 Short Family Tree 
29 SHORT, Cyril James  11 May 1904Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I14994 Short Family Tree Misc 
30 SHORT, Edward Thomas  10 Aug 1911Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3728 Short Family Tree Misc 
31 SHORT, John  17 Dec 1925Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7850 Short Family Tree Misc 
32 SHORT, John  25 May 1933Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2112 Short Family Tree Misc 
33 SHORT, Percival George  5 Jul 1926Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2278 Short Family Tree Misc 
34 SHORT, Roma Ruby  1 Dec 1920Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8679 Short Family Tree 
35 SMELLIE, Alexander  20 Jan 1929Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7578 Short Family Tree 
36 STANLEY, Ada Agnes  9 Jun 1953Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I212 Short Family Tree 
37 STONE, William David  8 Jun 1959Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3658 Short Family Tree Misc 
38 TOLHURST, Thomas Francis  5 Jun 1947Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7730 Short Family Tree 
39 TWIST, Ernest James  3 Apr 1935Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11151 Short Family Tree 
40 WELLARD, Mary Jane  18 Apr 1910Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7731 Short Family Tree 
41 WEST, Lillian Aliza  4 Apr 1935Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03527 Short Family Tree 
42 YOUNG, Lawrence Craigie  30 Nov 1929Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05864 Short Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 ANDREWS / WHITE  11 Dec 1920Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2220 Short Family Tree 
2 BEAUMONT / MUNDAY  1934Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2209 Short Family Tree 
3 BYCROFT / JACKSON  16 Jul 1938Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F96 Short Family Tree 
4 CARPENTER / SHORT  12 Jun 1943Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1966 Short Family Tree 
5 CHAMBERLAIN / BOWMAN  23 Oct 1946Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0527 Short Family Tree 
6 COUCHMAN / TATTERSALL  25 Feb 1914Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0523 Short Family Tree 
7 DALY / BARRY  5 Apr 1939Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3868 Short Family Tree 
8 DOUTHWAITE / HYLAND  30 Aug 1929Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3872 Short Family Tree 
9 EISENHUTH / ANDREWS  27 Jul 1910Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2218 Short Family Tree 
10 FORD / KENT  12 May 1892Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3010 Short Family Tree 
11 HOLLIDAY / WEST  24 May 1900Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1130 Short Family Tree 
12 HYLAND / HEATHCOTE  26 Nov 1927Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3871 Short Family Tree 
13 JACKSON / BYCROFT  27 Mar 1943Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F93 Short Family Tree 
14 LANGLEY / HOLLIDAY  3 Nov 1934Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F232 Short Family Tree 
15 LARKIN / HYLAND  12 Aug 1916Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3865 Short Family Tree 
16 LATIMORE / MACFARLANE  20 Oct 1945Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F4596 Short Family Tree Misc 
17 MCGEE / FRAZIER  16 Dec 1948Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F211 Short Family Tree Misc 
18 MITCHELL / MUNDAY  1940Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2210 Short Family Tree 
19 MONAGHAN / MUNDAY  15 Nov 1947Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2213 Short Family Tree 
20 MORLEY / SHORT  8 Sep 1898Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1441 Short Family Tree Misc 
21 MUNDAY / HAYES  1941Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2212 Short Family Tree 
22 POULTON / SHORT  26 Dec 1922Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2678 Short Family Tree Misc 
23 RAYNER / HOLLIDAY  5 Jun 1926Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2078 Short Family Tree 
24 SHIELDS / FRIEND  26 Jun 1907Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2872 Short Family Tree 
25 SHORT / BINGLEY  10 Dec 1935Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0490 Short Family Tree 
26 SHORT / MACKAY  30 Nov 1936Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3040 Short Family Tree 
27 SHORT / PARTRIDGE  4 Apr 1944Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0424 Short Family Tree 
28 SHORT / VENNERS  30 Mar 1946Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F590 Short Family Tree Misc 
29 SHORT / YOUNG  25 Sep 1943Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0447 Short Family Tree 
30 SMITH / MACTAGUE  6 Apr 1912Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3059 Short Family Tree 
31 TONKS / SHORT  24 Aug 1940Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3042 Short Family Tree 
32 WILLIAMS / CAREY  Abt 1931Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F914 Short Family Tree Misc 
33 YOUNG / HOLLIDAY  3 Dec 1927Granville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F229 Short Family Tree 

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