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Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA



City/Town : Latitude: -38.14729, Longitude: 144.360735


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLASON, Caroline Victoria  1861Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I129
2 BUCKINGHAM, Alicia  1849Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5941
3 BUCKINGHAM, Elizabeth  1849Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5939
4 BUCKINGHAM, Ellen  1845Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5940
5 DUNKLEY, Elizabeth Ann  24 Mar 1856Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I14938
6 FREEMAN, Sarah  1878Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6555
7 HICKEY, Catherine Augusta  24 Jun 1857Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I2188
8 HOBBS, John Emmanuel  1856Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5922
9 HODGES, Ernest Peter Alexander  1881Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5652
10 HODGES, Maxwell Keith  1914Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5654
11 HODGES, Sybil  1910Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5653
12 KUBEIL, Charles Henry  1870Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6559
13 LONG, Emily Ann  24 Aug 1872Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I1662
14 NASH, Mabel Haidee  1876Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6194
15 REED, John Eric  1 May 1856Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6996
16 SHANNAHAN, Annie Mary Jane  14 Mar 1908Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5973
17 SHANNAHAN, Edward Joseph  1868Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5971
18 SHANNAHAN, John Joseph  18 Sep 1905Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5972
19 SHANNAHAN, Lillian Mary  23 Oct 1920Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5976
20 SHANNAHAN, Margaret Francis  1911Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5974
21 SHANNAHAN, Sarah Jane  1913Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5975
22 SHORT, Ann Alicia  18 Dec 1849Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6352
23 SHORT, Carol Matilda  1847Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I650
24 SHORT, Charles John  1854Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I4
25 SHORT, Daisy May  1874Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5669
26 SHORT, Eliza Edgecombe  1851Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6542
27 SHORT, Elizabeth Ann  28 Aug 1850Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6546
28 SHORT, Emily  1857Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6544
29 SHORT, Ethel Huskinson  1875Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5670
30 SHORT, Frances Adelina  1881Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5658
31 SHORT, John  18 Sep 1853Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I133
32 SHORT, Joseph Charles Broomfield  23 Nov 1892Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5979
33 SHORT, Mabel Atherstone  1879Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5651
34 SHORT, Mary Elizabeth  18 Dec 1849Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6351
35 SHORT, Sarah Elizabeth Harriet  1889Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5977
36 SHORT, Walter William  1890Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5978
37 SHORT, William  9 Sep 1854Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6432
38 TREBILCOCK, Annie Josine  1907Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5965
39 TREBILCOCK, May Isabella  1909Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5966
40 TREBILCOCK, Percival Hunter  1911Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5967
41 TREBILCOCK, William Stanley  4 Mar 1914Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5968
42 VANRENEN, Ida Bella  28 Aug 1878Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I545
43 WALTER, Dorothy May  25 May 1901Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5672
44 WALTER, Lionel Lewis  8 Dec 1906Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5673


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 REED, John Eric  6 Jul 1856Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6996


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Frank  Jun 1960Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5659
2 BUCKLEY, George  1 Aug 1875Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5491
3 ELSDON, Robert  Dec 1941Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5611
4 FIDGE, Florence Myrtle  31 Dec 1988Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I8604
5 FITZGERALD, Wilfred John  24 Aug 1981Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I01845
6 GIDLOW, Amy  2010Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I212
7 GRAYLAND, Annie Jane  18 Feb 1923Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5929
8 HOBBS, John Emmanuel  21 Apr 1912Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5922
9 HOLLMAN, Frances Rose  2 Feb 1959Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5980
10 JONES, Elizabeth Sloley  Jan 1908Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5657
11 MANN, Anne  28 Dec 1872Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6540
12 MORROW, Mary Jane  19 Feb 1895Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I93
13 REED, John Eric  15 May 1945Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6996
14 SHANNAHAN, Annie Mary Jane  5 Dec 1994Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5973
15 SHANNAHAN, Edward Joseph  22 Oct 1937Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5971
16 SHANNAHAN, Lillian Mary  28 Mar 1970Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5976
17 SHANNAHAN, Sarah Jane  13 May 1991Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5975
18 SHORT, Annie  17 Feb 1936Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6545
19 SHORT, Barbara Nicholson  4 Sep 1933Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5963
20 SHORT, Charles  7 Jul 1890Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5656
21 SHORT, Daisy May  29 Jun 1944Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5669
22 SHORT, Eliza Edgecombe  8 Jan 1880Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6542
23 SHORT, Elizabeth Ann  25 Mar 1931Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6546
24 SHORT, Ethel Huskinson  20 May 1883Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5670
25 SHORT, Irene Harriet Constance Beatrice  31 Oct 1976Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6314
26 SHORT, Jane Elizabeth Grayland  28 Feb 1903Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5961
27 SHORT, Mary  26 Feb 1948Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6991
28 SHORT, Mary Elizabeth  1850Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6351
29 SHORT, Rachel Mary Sophia  1908Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6122
30 SHORT, Sarah Elizabeth Harriet  18 Dec 1889Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5977
31 SHORT, Thomas Edward Warwick  16 Sep 1948Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5664
32 SHORT, Vera Elspeth Allan  29 Nov 1958Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5468
33 TREBILCOCK, Annie Josine  22 Feb 1908Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5965
34 TREBILCOCK, Percival Hunter  21 Apr 1911Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5967
35 TREBILCOCK, William Stanley  Aug 1971Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5968
36 VANRENEN, Ida Bella  3 Sep 1879Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I545
37 WALTER, Arthur Lewis  10 Apr 1939Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5671
38 WALTER, Dorothy May  7 Jan 1957Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5672
39 WILLMOTT, John  15 Oct 1887Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5811


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 MCDONALD, Barbara Wiems  6 Jun 1857Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6720
2 SHORT, Alexander  24 Sep 1847Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I0210
3 SHORT, Georgina  6 Jun 1857Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6728
4 SHORT, John  3 Oct 1848Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6266
5 SHORT, John Ballantyne  6 Jun 1857Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6721


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HODGES / SHORT  21 Mar 1907Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F1942
2 SHANNAHAN / SHORT  1905Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F2073
3 SHORT / HOLLMAN  1915Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F2074
4 SHORT / JONES  1878Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F1944
5 WHITE / SHORT  29 Aug 1872Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F2279

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