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Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA



City/Town : Latitude: -33.877423, Longitude: 151.103682


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 AINSWORTH, Harold Sidney  4 May 1911Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3370 Short Family Tree Misc 
2 ALLEN, John Francis  25 Nov 1926Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7509 Short Family Tree Misc 
3 ANDREWS, Caroline May  20 Mar 1886Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00068 Short Family Tree 
4 ANDREWS, Ellen  4 Dec 1889Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00070 Short Family Tree 
5 ANDREWS, George Walter  1 Sep 1892Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03282 Short Family Tree 
6 BAILEY, Linda May  3 May 1882Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06614 Short Family Tree 
7 BAILEY, William Edwin  17 Feb 1906Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06308 Short Family Tree 
8 BENT, Walter George Edward  1905Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06409 Short Family Tree 
9 BOOTS, Roy Hilson  30 Jan 1901Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9859 Short Family Tree 
10 BOOTS, William E  1882Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9858 Short Family Tree 
11 BYRNE, Ruby Imilda  Abt 1890Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I122 CALLAGHAN 
12 COOPER, Charles  1894Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8694 Short Family Tree 
13 COOPER, Flora Isabel  1891Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8693 Short Family Tree 
14 DICKSON, Joyce Mary Pulsford  24 Jan 1906Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4285 Short Family Tree Misc 
15 DIGHT, Eileen Margaret  13 Jun 1912Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06948 Short Family Tree 
16 GLOVER, Hilda Daisy  19 Dec 1893Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I40 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
17 GRIFFITHS, Violet Isobel  Abt 1906Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2566 Short Family Tree Misc 
18 HOLLIDAY, Hazel Dorothy  2 Dec 1916Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03746 Short Family Tree 
19 KNOWLES, Eileen Jane  28 Jul 1906Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4791 Short Family Tree Misc 
20 LLOYD, Gwendolyne Lila  17 Jul 1910Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00919 Short Family Tree 
21 LYNCH, Ethel Joyce  11 Oct 1916Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7897 Short Family Tree 
22 MOORE, Russell Fredrick  1901Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8997 Short Family Tree 
23 RODEN, Richard Leonard  9 Jun 1913Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I316 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
24 SHORT, Albert James  14 May 1911Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4223 Short Family Tree Misc 
25 SHORT, Ariel Aurora Australis  15 May 1909Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2574 Short Family Tree Misc 
26 SHORT, Bertram James Byers  24 Aug 1890Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I14745 Short Family Tree Misc 
27 SHORT, D'arcy Nelson  16 Jan 1908Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4281 Short Family Tree Misc 
28 SHORT, Daisy Caroline  8 Jul 1915Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00717 Short Family Tree 
29 SHORT, David William  26 Sep 1908Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00071 Short Family Tree 
30 SHORT, Ellen May  31 May 1910Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00073 Short Family Tree 
31 SHORT, Eva Dorothy  Abt 1910Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4222 Short Family Tree Misc 
32 SHORT, Evelyn A  19 Jun 1893Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I14991 Short Family Tree Misc 
33 SHORT, Frederick William  20 Oct 1911Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00696 Short Family Tree 
34 SHORT, George William Shakespear  5 Jul 1911Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2575 Short Family Tree Misc 
35 SHORT, Henry Joseph  Abt 1889Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I14749 Short Family Tree Misc 
36 SHORT, Kenneth  Abt 1907Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4220 Short Family Tree Misc 
37 SHORT, Mabel Meta  Abt 1904Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4219 Short Family Tree Misc 
38 SHORT, Merton Nelson  21 Apr 1920Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4291 Short Family Tree Misc 
39 SHORT, Phyllis Maisie Myrtle  24 Feb 1915Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2576 Short Family Tree Misc 
40 SHORT, Ronald Frederick Nelson  10 Aug 1930Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2586 Short Family Tree Misc 
41 SHORT, Ronald Jack  19 Aug 1920Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01031 Short Family Tree 
42 SHORT, Ruby E  Abt 1892Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I15560 Short Family Tree Misc 
43 SHORT, Stephen Walter  1 Jan 1882Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01094 Short Family Tree 
44 SHORT, Thomas Wilkinson  12 Jan 1902Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00757 Short Family Tree 
45 SHORT, Walter Herbert  25 May 1902Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4218 Short Family Tree Misc 
46 SHORT, William Ian  9 Dec 1911Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4283 Short Family Tree Misc 
47 SHORT, Wilsie Grace Nelson  21 Jun 1909Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4282 Short Family Tree Misc 
48 SIMPSON, Francis Alfred  18 Nov 1911Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00917 Short Family Tree 
49 STONE, Oswald Herbert  12 Aug 1912Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01085 Short Family Tree 
50 TREVENA, Bessie  1891Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06728 Short Family Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALDERSON, Margaret Evelyn  17 Aug 1945Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I14986 Short Family Tree Misc 
2 ALLEN, Harriott Martha  8 Nov 1939Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06757 Short Family Tree 
3 ANGEL, Alfred Richard  22 Aug 1919Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7605 Short Family Tree 
4 ANGEL, Edgar Roy  29 Jul 1923Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7619 Short Family Tree 
5 ANGEL, Emma  1950Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7612 Short Family Tree 
6 AUDLEY, William Ernest  1962Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05255 Short Family Tree 
7 BACON, Alice  1970Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7711 Short Family Tree Misc 
8 BAILEY, Arthur Handley  27 May 1959Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05387 Short Family Tree 
9 BELL, Edward Cecil  6 Nov 1971Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01087 Short Family Tree 
10 BELL, John Frederick  27 Jun 1967Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9287 Short Family Tree 
11 BENNETT, Elizabeth Jane  27 Jun 1909Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06383 Short Family Tree 
12 BOOTS, Henry  7 Aug 1906Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9793 Short Family Tree 
13 BROWN, Rolf Earl  6 Mar 1959Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4790 Short Family Tree Misc 
14 BYCROFT, Walter Samuel  22 Mar 1956Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05624 Short Family Tree 
15 BYCROFT, William Albert  20 Jun 1958Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05620 Short Family Tree 
16 BYRNE, Ruby Imilda  Abt 1971Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I122 CALLAGHAN 
17 CANSDELL, Gordon  1 Nov 1966Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9863 Short Family Tree 
18 CARPENTER, William George  28 Aug 1969Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06349 Short Family Tree 
19 CHAMPION, Benjamin  17 Mar 1934Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3887 Short Family Tree Misc 
20 COCK, Robert Samuel  13 May 1958Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9437 Short Family Tree 
21 COOPER, Charles  1894Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8694 Short Family Tree 
22 COULTON, Sydney  10 Nov 1928Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3540 Short Family Tree Misc 
23 DE MESTRE, Andre Etienne Roger  18 May 1968Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4895 Short Family Tree Misc 
24 ELDRIDGE, Percy Milton  25 Apr 1935Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01246 Short Family Tree 
25 EUGERT, Anna Maria  17 Oct 1943Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8099 Short Family Tree 
26 FOX, Florence Mary Alice  1951Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8150 Short Family Tree 
27 FREEMAN, Norman Hobbs  12 Jul 1959Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8391 Short Family Tree Misc 
28 FREEMAN, Thomas William  1967Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06297 Short Family Tree 
29 FRIPP, Emily Sarah  30 Nov 1950Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3332 Short Family Tree Misc 
30 FROST, Martha Emily  28 Jun 1935Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7468 Short Family Tree 
31 FRY, Herbert Arnold  17 Jan 1940Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3324 Short Family Tree Misc 
32 GARDNER, Rachel Ann  7 Apr 1926Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3881 Short Family Tree Misc 
33 GILBERT, Fanny  31 Jul 1940Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4849 Short Family Tree Misc 
34 GILKES, Edith Blakley  17 Sep 1966Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9571 Short Family Tree 
35 HAY, Alfred Walter  Abt 1953Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2506 Short Family Tree Misc 
36 HAYES, Harold Percy  13 Apr 1968Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4848 Short Family Tree Misc 
37 HILDER, Mary  Abt 1932Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3546 Short Family Tree Misc 
38 HOLLIDAY, John  4 Apr 1919Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03581 Short Family Tree 
39 HOUGH, Walter Michael  12 Oct 1971Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10134 Short Family Tree 
40 HUGHES, Ada Mary  14 Mar 1931Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3578 Short Family Tree Misc 
41 HUNT, Emma  12 Jun 1904Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3092 Short Family Tree Misc 
42 JENNER, Edith Mary  15 Aug 1969Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10041 Short Family Tree 
43 JOHNSON, Emily Margaret  13 Jul 1966Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00692 Short Family Tree 
44 KEMISTER, Roy Dennis  Abt Sep 1969Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4239 Short Family Tree Misc 
45 KING, Ernest Collingwood  3 Jun 1950Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06431 Short Family Tree 
46 KNOWLES, Eileen Jane  21 May 1967Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4791 Short Family Tree Misc 
47 LAWS, Beatrice Ethel  1965Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9739 Short Family Tree 
48 MADGWICK, Reginald Henry  17 Jul 1953Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06927 Short Family Tree 
49 MCDONALD, Marion  12 Nov 1940Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00069 Short Family Tree 
50 MCGUIGAN, Thomas Clarence  21 Jul 1964Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2523 Short Family Tree Misc 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 TREVENA, Christopher L  1898Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06733 Short Family Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS / BOOTS  20 Nov 1906Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3213 Short Family Tree 
2 ALLEN / WILLIS  5 Aug 1950Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2629 Short Family Tree Misc 
3 ARNOLD / SHORT  24 Dec 1941Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3594 Short Family Tree Misc 
4 AUDLEY / BENNETT  1930Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2074 Short Family Tree 
5 BAIN / SHORT  30 Sep 1939Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3207 Short Family Tree Misc 
6 BAINBRIDGE / KNOWLES  19 Dec 1959Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1617 Short Family Tree Misc 
7 BEGNELL / SHORT  15 Apr 1950Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1698 Short Family Tree Misc 
8 BEVAN / MOTTLEY  17 Feb 1968Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3364 Short Family Tree 
9 BOND / SHORT  30 Jul 1938Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1156 Short Family Tree Misc 
10 BOOTS / BLACK  1925Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3212 Short Family Tree 
11 BROWN / KNOWLES  27 Dec 1924Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1616 Short Family Tree Misc 
12 BROWN / OLIVER  1928Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1262 Short Family Tree 
13 BYCROFT / FARQUHARSON  10 Feb 1928Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1726 Short Family Tree 
14 COATES / ANDREWS  10 Dec 1902Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2217 Short Family Tree 
15 COLLINS / COULTON  7 May 1938Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1178 Short Family Tree Misc 
16 DONNELLY / KIDD  19 Dec 1959Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F791 Short Family Tree Misc 
17 DONNELLY / SHORT  2 Aug 1928Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F790 Short Family Tree Misc 
18 EAGLE / PARKER  21 Mar 1908Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3211 Short Family Tree 
19 GIBSON / SHORT  29 Mar 1958Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1701 Short Family Tree Misc 
20 GILKES / SANTER  10 Jan 1942Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3099 Short Family Tree 
21 GLOVER / TANNER  17 Jan 1891Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F15 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
22 GODDEN / BROWN  2 Nov 1957Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1618 Short Family Tree Misc 
23 HARDY / TREVENA  1910Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2094 Short Family Tree 
24 HOLLIDAY / BOND  25 Jan 1916Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1190 Short Family Tree 
25 HOLLIDAY / DANEMAN  28 Nov 1938Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1162 Short Family Tree 
26 HOLROYD / HOBBS  13 Jan 1888Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2557 Short Family Tree Misc 
27 JONES / CHAMPION  4 Oct 1958Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2744 Short Family Tree Misc 
28 KEMISTER / SHORT  Abt 1957Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1423 Short Family Tree Misc 
29 LEANE / MILLS  Abt 1926Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F35 Short Family Tree - Cornwall 
30 LONERGAN / TAYLOR  19 Feb 1949Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2826 Short Family Tree 
31 LYNCH / BALZER  26 Oct 1935Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2480 Short Family Tree 
32 MACEY / MUTTON  19 May 1942Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0203 Short Family Tree 
33 MACFARLANE / SHORT  18 Feb 1925Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1708 Short Family Tree Misc 
34 MEREDITH / COWLE  24 Dec 1936Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1880 Short Family Tree 
35 MOORE / COWLE  19 Nov 1926Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1765 Short Family Tree 
36 POWELL / LINDFIELD  23 Mar 1946Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F986 Short Family Tree Misc 
37 QUINN / SHORT  15 May 1939Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1075 Short Family Tree Misc 
38 RICHARDS / SHORT  24 Aug 1946Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1699 Short Family Tree Misc 
39 RIGNEY / SHORT  14 Jan 1956Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1702 Short Family Tree Misc 
40 ROBINSON / SHORT  25 Apr 1927Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1352 Short Family Tree Misc 
41 SEDGERS / WARD  20 Apr 1954Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1244 Short Family Tree Misc 
42 SHORT / BAILEY  18 Oct 1913Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2063 Short Family Tree 
43 SHORT / BARKER  13 Dec 1919Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0468 Short Family Tree 
44 SHORT / BOOTS  6 Mar 1915Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0438 Short Family Tree 
45 SHORT / BUNTING GENERY  17 Dec 1948Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0466 Short Family Tree 
46 SHORT / DREWITT  31 Dec 1927Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0457 Short Family Tree 
47 SHORT / GRIFFITHS  19 Nov 1927Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F784 Short Family Tree Misc 
48 SHORT / LAMB  3 Apr 1948Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3337 Short Family Tree 
49 SHORT / LYONS  23 Dec 1939Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0460 Short Family Tree 
50 SHORT / MACANDREW  22 Sep 1928Burwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F492 Short Family Tree Misc 

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