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Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND



City/Town : Latitude: 51.455313, Longitude: -2.591902


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Emma  Abt 1834Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I129
2 ADAMS, William  Abt 1877Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I695
3 BILLINGE, Frances Mary  13 Oct 1837Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I5647
4 BRYANT, Sarah  Abt 1824Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I3806
5 COLLINS, Lucy  Abt 1863Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I325
6 DANDO, Edna May  21 Oct 1919Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I297
7 EARNSHAW, Alfred William  1876Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I07145
8 FLOYD, John  Abt 1868Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I309
9 GLOSSOP, Charles John Addison  1 Jun 1874Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I795
10 GLOSSOP, Charlotte  1871Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I793
11 GLOSSOP, Frances Mary  1867Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I792
12 GLOSSOP, Mary Ann  1871Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I794
13 HAWKINS, William Herbert  Abt Jul 1899Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I7677
14 HENDERSON, Mary Ludlow  23 Feb 1802Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I2996
15 HILL, Edna May  24 Aug 1910Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I25
16 HOLE, Elizabeth A  Abt 1888Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I336
17 HOLE, George Henry  Abt 1858Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I334
18 HOLE, George Herbert  Abt 1885Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I335
19 HOLE, John S  Abt 1890Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I337
20 IMISON, John Ralph  28 Feb 1916Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I8229
21 JONES, Christopher John  1851Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I285
22 JONES, Emily A  1859Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I200
23 JONES, Francis H  1861Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I411
24 JONES, Matilda J  1850Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I197
25 JONES, Sarah J  1856Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I199
26 JONES, William  1821Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I179
27 JONES, William T  1854Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I198
28 KENT, William Henry  1931Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I8921
29 KNIGHT, Margaret J  Abt Sep 1914Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I413
30 KNIGHT, Uriah  07 Jun 1882Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I412
31 LENTELL, Lionel Alfred  29 Apr 1893Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I15104
32 LONG, Clifford Jesse  11 May 1909Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I24
33 LONG, Marjorie Cherrity  Abt 1913Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I26
34 LONG, Samuel Thomas  Abt 1845Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I19
35 MITCHELL, Florence Annie  20 Jul 1866Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I7514
36 NASH, Elsie  Abt 1890Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I65
37 NASH, Lydia  Abt 1888Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I66
38 NOBLE, Rose  07 Jun 1915Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I311
39 NUELL, Clara  Abt 1860Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I102
40 NUELL, Hester  Abt 1856Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I101
41 OATEN, Alfred William Francis  27 Nov 1889Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I7485
42 PURSER, Sylvia Irene  Abt Jun 1923Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I81
43 REED, Nora  Abt 1923Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I86
44 SANSUM, Ada Gertrude  Apr 1879Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I8246
45 SELMAN, Daniel Bond  20 Dec 1828Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I8068
46 SHORT, Ada  Abt 1853Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I130
47 SHORT, Agnes  1824Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I7731
48 SHORT, Alexander Theodore Frederick  14 Feb 1889Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I455
49 SHORT, Alfred Caesar  21 Apr 1835Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I2970
50 SHORT, Alfred James  13 Nov 1852Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I738

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BRYANT, Sarah  17 Jul 1825Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I3806
2 EWENS, Elizabeth Sophia  06 Aug 1871Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I67
3 GLOSSOP, Charlotte  28 May 1871Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I793
4 GLOSSOP, Frances Mary  20 Oct 1867Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I792
5 GLOSSOP, Lucy Annie  21 Jan 1866Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I796
6 GLOSSOP, Mary Ann  28 May 1871Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I794
7 SHORT, Alice  04 Feb 1864Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I59
8 SHORT, Elizabeth  31 Oct 1861Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I58
9 SHORT, Evan  31 Mar 1870Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I60
10 SHORT, Francis  11 Aug 1776Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I7725
11 SHORT, Frederick Mark  13 Dec 1876Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I61
12 SHORT, George  9 Nov 1806Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I7735
13 SHORT, Henrietta Sophia  7 Jul 1861Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I739
14 SHORT, Henry Evan  31 Oct 1861Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I57
15 SHORT, James  15 Aug 1779Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I7752
16 SHORT, James  28 Nov 1802Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I7734
17 SHORT, Jane  28 Nov 1802Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I7730
18 SHORT, John Henry  15 May 1831Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I15152
19 SHORT, Joseph Henry  7 Jul 1861Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I740
20 SHORT, Lucy  9 Nov 1806Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I7729
21 SHORT, Malcolm Clement  15 Apr 1855Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I88
22 SHORT, Minnie Rhoda  30 Jan 1868Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I63
23 SHORT, Richard Samuel Henderson Spilsbury  25 Dec 1833Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I2997
24 SHORT, Silas  11 Aug 1776Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I7751


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CONWAY, George William  20 Feb 1909Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I736
2 CROSSMAN, Robert  1868Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I743
3 DANDO, Edna May  30 Apr 2006Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I297
4 HARDING, Ellen  1936Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I857
5 HOPES, Thomas  Abt 1783Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I520
6 NOBLE, Rose  Abt 2000Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I311
7 PEACOCK, Alfred  9 Nov 1918Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I726
8 PEACOCK, Charlotte Matilda  16 Dec 1922Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I731
9 PEACOCK, Edwin  11 Dec 1935Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I732
10 PEACOCK, Emma Mary  1917Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I733
11 PEACOCK, George  8 Jan 1896Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I724
12 PEACOCK, Henry  1918Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I729
13 PEACOCK, Joseph  1921Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I730
14 PEACOCK, Margaret Henrietta  1934Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I728
15 RAWLE, John  Abt 1746Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I161
16 SANSUM, Alvan Graham  29 Nov 1936Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I8245
17 SHORT, Alfred Weaver  16 Feb 1878Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I3004
18 SHORT, Dorothy Augusta  Jun 1905Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I8263
19 SHORT, Dorothy Joyce  09 Nov 1981Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I295
20 SHORT, Edwin  Abt Jun 1910Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I405
21 SHORT, Evan  Abt 1911Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I47
22 SHORT, Evan  14 Dec 1951Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I60
23 SHORT, Isaac  Abt 1903Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I438
24 SHORT, Job  Abt Jun 1915Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I51
25 SHORT, Kezia  Abt Mar 1916Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I379
26 SHORT, Lloyd George  Abt 1958Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I294
27 SHORT, Mary  27 Jan 1877Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I245
28 SHORT, Percy  8 May 1932Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I8233
29 SHORT, Samuel Henderson  22 May 1817Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I2989
30 TOMKINS, Hannah Maria  Abt 1902Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I317


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BENCE, Sophia  9 Jul 1866Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I725


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 SHORT, Walter Mayow Burgoyne  4 Jun 1930Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I4404


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CONWAY, Elsie Jane  1901Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I737
2 PEACOCK, Charlotte Matilda  1901Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I731
3 PEACOCK, Sarah Elizabeth  1901Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I727
4 SHORT, Annie T  1901Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8075
5 SHORT, Annie T  1911Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8075
6 SHORT, Ethel M  1901Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8076
7 SHORT, Ethel M  1911Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8076
8 SHORT, Florence E  1901Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8074
9 SHORT, Florence E  1911Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8074
10 SHORT, Matilda  1901Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I363
11 SHORT, Thomas  1901Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8032
12 SHORT, Thomas  1911Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8032
13 WOODMAN, Marjorie  1911Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8078
14 WOODMAN, William  1911Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8077
15 WOODMAN, William  1911Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8079


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 SHORT, Dennis Charles  2 Mar 1956Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I8231


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COLES / SAUNDERS  05 Feb 1844Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F12
2 CONWAY / PEACOCK  27 Nov 1874Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F191
3 EAST / TOMKINS  13 May 1913Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F86
4 FLOYD / NOBLE  Abt 1935Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F80
5 FLOYD / SHORT  Abt 1900Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F79
6 FREEMAN / JARRETT  Abt Dec 1913Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F169
7 GAY / SHORT  Mar 1911Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F63
8 HOLE / TOMKINS  Abt 1883Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F84
9 KETHRO / SHORT  Aft 1860Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F171
10 KNIGHT / SHORT  Abt Jun 1912Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F102
11 NAISH / SHORT  Mar 1915Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F64
12 NUELL / SHORT  05 Mar 1843Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F26
13 OATEN / ROGERS  1921Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F2622
14 PEACOCK / SHORT  12 Jan 1847Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F189
15 SANSUM / BELL  20 Oct 1831Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F2618
16 SANSUM / WALLINGTON  Oct 1874Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F2612
17 SHORT / BIDGOOD  Abt Jun 1922Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F107
18 SHORT / CROSBY  18 Jun 1798Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F2725
19 SHORT / DANDO  21 Jun 1941Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F75
20 SHORT / FREEMAN  13 Dec 1835Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F91
21 SHORT / GULLY  Abt Sep 1871Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F71
22 SHORT / HARRIS  Sep 1876Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F65
23 SHORT / HEARSON  26 Mar 1851Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F2794
24 SHORT / HICKS  Dec 1855Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F99
25 SHORT / HICKS  Mar 1882Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F62
26 SHORT / HICKS  Abt Mar 1882Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F100
27 SHORT / NORRINGTON  Abt 1916Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F17
28 SHORT / ROBERTS  Abt 1854Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F14
29 SHORT / ROGERS  Abt Sep 1877Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F103
30 SHORT / SANSUM  21 May 1907Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F2611
31 SHORT / SHAPLAND  25 Sep 1875Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F2751
32 SHORT / SHORT  17 Apr 1854Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F179
33 SHORT / SIMMONDS  1909Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F222
34 SHORT / SMITH  Jun 1872Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F170
35 SHORT / WARBURTON  1873Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F192
36 SIMMS / SHORT  Abt Mar 1911Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F101
37 TOMKINS / COLLINS  Abt 1877Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F83
38 TOMKINS / DOYLE  Abt 1887Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F85
39 WEBB / SHORT  Abt 1824Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F129
40 WOODMAN / SHORT  1908Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F2856

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