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Matches 901 to 950 of 982

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901 Surname is transcribed as 'JENNES' JENNER, Amelia Margaret (I9993)
902 Surname was transcribed as "Pennard" from original register. JENNER, James (I9976)
903 Surname was transcribed as "Pennard" from original register. JENNER, James (I9976)
904 The builder of Barbavilla SMYTHE, William (I315)
905 The burial service was conducted by Rev. R. J. Murray.
(Infomation from a newspaper report dated November 4, 1913).
SHORT, Samuel (I05821)
906 The current Glebe Library was opened by Leichhardt Council in April 1997. It consists of a new structure added to Benledi House, a two-storey building with lattice balcony constructed in the 1900s, which was formerly the Homeopathic Hospital. MUTTON, Bertha Isabelle (I02079)
907 The Davis News
Davis, Murray County, Oklahoma
October8, 1925
J F Short found dean in home this morning.
John F Short was cound dead about 9:30 this morning at his home about 1 1/2 miles south of Davis. An inquest was held this afternoon: the jurors found his death was due to congestion. The deceased, a bachelor, lived in a house near the home of his brother, C D Short. He was in town yesterday afternoon and appeared in good health. Mr Short had lived in this country about 50 years adn followed 'cow punching' until a few years ago. He was born in Missouri nad was 71 years of age. He was a good citizen and had a wide acquaintances here.
He is survived by five brothers, Dan Short of Colorado, Ike Short of Oklahoma City, Rufus Short of Binger, R P Short of Sulphur, C D Short of Davis and one sister MRS Cheatham of Brownwood, Texas. 
SHORT, John F (I22330)
908 The Devizes Gazette, 24 February 1853:
Deaths: At Milton, on the 20 inst., Mrs STAGG, widow of the late Mr EDMUND STAGG, in the 89th year of her age.  
WARWICK, Ann (I374)
909 The LACAZE parents used the same first name for multiple children. Middle names differed.

Marriage records show that the children didn't expire at birth but went on and married. 
Family F365
CHEATHAM, anciently Chetham or Cheetham, is derived from the residence of its first bearers at a place of that name in Manchester, England. The word itself means "Ceatta's Home or Estate", being derived from the Old English personal name of Ceatta. Although all three of the variant spellings mentioned above are occassionally in evidence in modern times, along with Cheathem, Cheathame, the form most frequently found in America today is that which heads this article, Cheatham.
Lancaster, Chester, Suffolk, Derby and London were among the earliest seats of the family in England. These lines appear to have belonged, in large part, to the lesser nobility and to the landed genty of Great Brittian.
1850 US Census Adair Co, Kentucky
1860 US Census Adair Co, Kentucky 
CHEATHAM, Matthew Hopson (I4478)
911 There are reports in newspapers, that Clarence Cecil BARKER was reported to have abducted Alice Margaret SHORT to carnally know her... this resulted with him being the father of Elise Myrtle SHORT. Family F858
912 There is also a second marriage record for this couple.
The results testing with online searching of the BDM database that the 29 Sept 1934 as being the marriage date. Record number 15833/1934. The date quoted on this website is using a similar record number, but different (15883/1934). This different record tests that the marriage was recorded as 14 Nov 1934. 
Family F0039
913 There is speculation that Richard TRIPLETT was a serial killer. There are no sources for this, or knowledge where the speculation originated. There is a trend to his marriages that he obviously favoured women with the given name Elizabeth, but that is to date the only commonality.
TRIPLETT, Richard (I8547)
914 This is the date of interrment of the ashes. BROADY, John Robert (I8493)
915 This is the date of interrment of the ashes. ROSE, Marjorie Winifred (I8494)
916 This reference was made in the "Western Australia" newspaper on the 4th April 1903 in an article about his son's wedding. SHORT, John Joseph Esq (I3869)
917 tom
Family Portrait
Uncle Tom
Family Portrait
Uncle Tom
LEWIS, Thomas Gregory (I00259)
918 Tombstone reads: Charles A HUNT
S.M.H. death notice has name as Edward Charles HUNT
died as result of accident 
HUNT, Edward Andrew (I00675)
919 Traded as Arrow Metal Products SHORT, Clarence Charles Gordon (I1663)
920 Transcript shows surname was recorded as "NEWCOME" NEWCOMBE, Thomas Alfred (I10053)
921 Transcription from cemetery in error. Died 18-Aug-1907 SHORT, Edith (I7295)
922 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I00637)
923 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F0437
924 twin with jane....ref d.g.short 8-5-1999 HARRIS, Steven Walkden (I01291)
925 twin with steven....ref d.g.short 8-5-1999 HARRIS, Jane Walkden (I01292)
926 Unconfirmed SHORT, Marjorie Maud (I5799)
927 Undefended Divorce Actions

Jane Sime Hawkins, of Fourth Avenue, Forest Gardens, against William Herbert Hawkings, of Pinnaroo, on the ground of desertion. 
Family F2705
928 United States of America, Bureau of the Census, Fourteenth Census of the United States, 1920, Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1920 Source (S00057)
929 United States, Selective Service System, World War I Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918, Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration Source (S00058)
930 Unmarried BROOMFIELD, Annette Isabel (I5453)
931 Unnamed WAY (I3312)
932 Vernon 
SHORT, Vernard Stanford (I00666)
933 Wall Of Memories - Panel 27 - Gg - 0026 HARVISON, Pearl Jeanetta (I05238)
934 Wall Of Memories - Panel 7 - Gg - 0084 FAHY, Richard Thomas (I10361)
935 Walter Richard Short, fourth child of Edward and Charity Short, was born on 1st. August 1804 and baptised as Richard Short by Richard Cope on 9th September 1804. SHORT, Walter "Richard" (I00048)
936 War Vetrans Home SHORT, Albert Edward (I29)
937 was a housewife until her children started school. Then she went to nursing school and became an LVN. She worked at the Brownwood Hospital and then Texas Youth Corrections at Brownwood. When Rupert retired she stayed home with him to help him farm. ROBBINS, Mary Eunice (I1830)
938 was a Texas Ranger along with his brother Menoh Richard (Dick) Cheatham.
Was the last living Texas Ranger in Brown County at the time of his death.

Frontier Times Magazine 1927 Vol 4 # 4 Jan 1927
Account of James Alfred Cheatham, who was born in Kentucky, August 18, 1842. He came to Texas when a young man and settled in Brown county, when Indians and buffalo were in common. He gained recognition as a man who did much in quelling the Indian uprisings in the area – this is his story.
Further Mentions: 12 children, 8 sons. and 4 daughters; Joe Cheatham, of Amarillo; Hop Cheatham of Brownwood ; Jim Cheatham, Dan Cheatham, of Sherman ; Roland Cheatham, of Abilene ; Will Cheatham, of Panhandle ; Sam Cheatham, Ivan Cheatham, of Abilene ; Mrs. Hattie Bonsick, Mrs. Emily Mauldin, Mrs. Zola Gwathney of Brookesmith, and Miss Flora Cheatham of Abilene. Also one brother, Dick Cheatham of Whon, and one sister, Mrs. H. Hunter, of Cisco.

Frontier Times Magazine Vol 12 #11 Aug 1935
M. R. Cheatham, Old Indian Fighter
Beatrice Grady Gay, Santa Anna, Tex.
Account of M. R. Cheatham, Coleman County, who served as a Texas Ranger during the the early 1870's, while the Comanche and Kiowa tribes were bitterly contesting all efforts to banish them from their favorite buffalo hunting grounds. Mr. Cheatham was born in Gradyville, Adair Co., Kentucky in 1850 and came to Texas in December, 1872, in the same covered wagon caravan which brought his close boyhood friend Caleb Grady, and his people.
Further Mentions: brother, Al Cheatham * Brownwood, Brown county * Capt, Jim Connell * C. M. Grady * the little town of Whon * Captain Jeff Maltby of Burnet county * Lieutenant B. Foster * Clear Creek, near the western line of Brown county * Home Creek, about six miles southwest of Santa Anna Mountain * Major John B. Jones * Kerrville * Pease River * Jackboro * East Clear Creek pond * Pecan Bayou * Webb Arnett * Red Bank * the old Coleman and Brady road * Trickham * Jim Ned Creek * Bill Williams, who lived on Sand Creek * Tom Clark * Jake Hand and Sporty Brown * Bangs * Comanche Chief Jape * Jack McWhorter * John Banister * 
CHEATHAM, James Alfred (I4343)
939 Was a twin with Mabel Amy Louving PARSLOW PARSLOW, Stanley Allen James (I7753)
940 Was a twin with Stanley A J PARSLOW PARSLOW, Mabel Amy Louving (I7754)
941 was active resident in community of Henrico County before the first existing court record book was started in 1677.
The Cheatham name was always signed by Thomas as Chetham.
on 24 Aug 1694, Thomas Cethham aged abt 50 years made a deposition concerning a joke Edward Hatcher played on his neighbors.
on 5 Aug 1720 Thomas Chetham Sr aged 75 years or thereabouts made a deposition concerning the boundry between John Worsham and John Woodson.

Information researched and obtained by Alberta Marjorie Dennstedt, 4372
Ridgeway, San Diego Calif 92116, 619/282-2091
CHEATHAM, Thomas (I9587)
942 was in the Vetran's hospital in 1965 in Temple CHEATHAM, James Albert Jim (I4347)
943 Was killed during the Battle of Corunna SHORT, Joseph (I564)
944 Was known as Sandhurst in 1877 SHORT, Anne (I6088)
945 Was known as Sandhurst in 1879 SHORT, Olivia (I6089)
946 Was known as Sandhurst in 1881 SHORT, Mary Jane Eva "Eva" (I6087)
947 Was known as Sandhurst in 1888 SHORT, Vera Victoria (I6090)
948 Was operated on at the  SHORT, Edward Charles (I0271)
949 Wayne Howard SHORT
Source (S99)
950 Well-known in Adelaide as a writer of serials (Paul Depasquale, A Critical History of South Australian Literature 1836-1930) LAURIE, Jessie Mabel (I254)

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